14 thoughts on “THE CITY episode “THE L WORD”

  1. hm .. i don’t know – i’m not sure what to think about her but jay – he is really strange .. okay he’s hot! but i’m sure he’s a player and he’ll hurt whitney !

  2. You are my hero for posting these videos <3I don't really like Olivia either. All the conversations he has with Whitney feel really akward and she seems to be a bit of a jealous and back-stabbig person.Love her style though, she dresses impeccably most of the time!

  3. uhh, yeah – i feel the same way about Olivia, she can not be trusted. But the person I dislikes the most is Jay, uh he is so sleasy and i hate the way he acts!!

  4. pues si, ya mejor, una putada…en fin, ya pasó y no lo quiero pensar, fin de ño en cama, jajajja q trsite!!me imagino las ganas q tendrás de ir a mexico!!! por tu familia y el clima!!! claro!! jejejej

  5. As conseguido que me enganche totalmente a la serie-reality… me encanta!! X cierto… Artista!! q eres una artista esas cosas q haces!!Besos!!

  6. lol ok i have to do my homework first and then i will watch it.i know myself.i wont fall asleep until i watched this episode hahaoh andy.. what did you do to me

  7. I feel the same about Olivia so I guees I’m crazy too LolShe’s kind of jelous of Whitney like in the dinner she was so over why Jay hadn’t come.Guees we’ll have to wait and see what happens!XoXo

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