I found this images and even tho, they are a bit old, I thought they were a great source of inspiration for the season to come (one that will bring the sunshine back and hopefully the heat!)

Alexander Wang is amazing & everything he touches turns into eve candy, making us wish we owned every single piece he produces. We might one day! but in the meantime, we can use him an ultimate source of inspiration, I am sure we can find great pieces so we can put together similar looks….What do you think???


  1. and btw a wang is fashion-insider-darling, wang + wasson = heaven, but i do think quality knits and cotton need not cost as much as they currently do…price point is my only gripe.AA is just as fabulous for basics!

  2. i have so much to say to you!!!!!1) are u kidding me LOST is the BEST SHOW EVER, great script, great acting, insane plot. i loveit too!2) i completely adore christophe decarnin and btw, you have MAD SKILLZ for diy! those 2 military items? crazy. i have a cool military skirt i posted about…but anyway.3) i completely adore what u adore, please keep blogging! can i link u? in fact can we trade?cheers, andrea xoxoxxxLife In

  3. Gracias por visiarme, e invitarme a pasar por aquí, te añado al blogroll porque me ha gustado mucho tu Blog y por supuesto la transformación de tu chaleco y chaqueta en ( militar ), je,je.

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