So many choices, so little time!
This is exactly why I love; actually let me rephrase that; this is exactly why I’m completely obsessed with fashion.
We’ve got to a point where basically anything goes, we are allowed to experiment with things and this is why it is so much fun.
We can play with shapes, colors & trends from different decades, it is ok to be eccentric and to give your personal touch, I mean, if 5 years ago, somebody would have told me that MC Hammer inspired pants would be red hot right now, I probably wouldn’t have believed you! But they are, and we love them!
So at least for me, this is what fashion is all about: making a statement, having fun with it and feeling like a million bucks while you are doing it!

¡Tantas opciones y tan poco tiempo!
Es exactamente la razón por la cual estoy completamente obsesionada con la moda.
Hemos llegado a un punto en el que todo esta permitido, podemos experimentar ¡y eso lo hace mas divertido!
Podemos jugar con formas, colores y tendencias de diferentes décadas, esta bien ser un poco excéntrico y darle tu toque personal, Por ejemplo; Si alguien me hubiera dicho hace 5 años, que los pantalones estilo MC Hammer estarían de moda otra vez, sinceramente, no lo hubiera creído, ¡ probablemente me hubiera dado un ataque de risa! ¡Pero regresaron! ¡¡¡Y los amamos!!!
¡¡Así que diviértete con la moda, exprésate, y siéntete guapísima!!



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Since I laid my eyes on the collection, I wanted to recreate those amazing ruffled dresses, or the oversized blazers and bright colored jackets.
Everything is so femenine, yet, it has a little rock and roll touch in some of the pieces. It is just perfect.
Quite easy looks to imitate, so I take on the challenge!!! and probably while I am at it, I can also try and make one of the dresses, why not?
Desde que vi esta colección, se me vino a la mente la idea de tratar de recrear esos vestidos de olanes, los blazer agrandados y las chamarras de colores brillantes (como azul metálico).
Todo se ve super femenino, pero a la vez, tiene un toque super Rock and Roll que me encanta!

Tiene looks muy fáciles de imitar, asi que yo muy alegremente tomo el desafío de imitarlos y probablemente mientras hago eso, podria tratar de hacer alguno de esos vestidos, por que no???
No creo que mi maquina de coser tenga ningun probema al respecto…


Me puse a pensar que debería de escribir tambien en español. Tengo lectores en España, Mexico y algunos en Sudamérica, pero siempre se me había hecho mas fácil escribir en ingles, creyendo que todos entenderían, pero desde hoy, voy a escribir en los 2 idiomas.
A fin de cuentas, soy Mexicana y acá NUNCA tengo la oportunidad de hablar Español con nadie, hablo Inglés todo el día, todos los días (menos cuando llamo a Mexico :P) y extraño mi Idioma demasiado!!! Pero perdonen si aveces se me va la onda y de plano tengo un errorsote en la ortografía, soy humano y me pasa MUY seguido…En fin, BIENVENIDOS A STYLESCRAPBOOK.COM !!!

I was thinking that I should write my entries in Spanish as well. I have quite a bit of Spanish, Mexican & South American readers, but for some reason, I was finding easier to write in English & sort of took for granted that everyone would understand.
At the end, I am Mexican and I NEVER get that chance to speak spanish over here, I speak english all day, every day & Im starting to miss my first language A LOT! Everytime I call my family, I realize I sould like a total dork, because after months and years of constantly speaking english, I start forgetting words, I mean, I dont forget them, they are there, just very dusted and it takes me ages to remember…I hate when It happens!!!! Hopefully this will stop now! haha
Oh! I also wanted to apologize if sometimes I have grammar mistakes, I know I do, and I am terrible at correcting them but at the end, Im only human and it happens a lot. I will try to get better, but if you ever see one, I apologize in advance! :)


So today was pretty relaxing, embarassing to say, I woke up at probably 12:30, reasonable for a sunday morning I think!!! I was just feeling so exhausted, probably because I had a pretty busy saturday!
Rich and I spent the day in town, getting a hair cut (him ,not me), shopping for beauty products, etc. Then we decided we should go to the movies.

Here in Holland (probably in other places as well) you can get an unlimited pass, so you can pay a certaing price per month and go check as many movies as you want, so we got that. We watched Revolutionary road with my ex Leonardo Dicaprio(fell in love with him in Titanic, but then I dumped him for Mathew McConaughey :P) but when the movie was over( at aprox. 10:45) we decided to get into another movie, so we watched Seven Pounds, with Will Smith.

Both good movies, with GREAT acting. So finally we finished our movie spree by 1:30 am..
Today tho, it was a whole different story, lazy sunday, shopping for groceries and getting a latte at Starbucks, OH!! And the hight light of today, Ill watch the season premier of Previously on Lost…… I know I am 4 days behind, but we get it here on sundays, not wednesdays..I guess its better than nothing!

How was your weekend?