LOST IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost lovers of the world, the time has finally come.
This month the wait is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this moment for OH SO LONG! There are so many questions in the air, so many mysteries to solve, who is Jacob?, what is the black smoke?, How the hell can they move an island, etc…Bring it on!!! WE ARE READY!!!!

12 thoughts on “LOST IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. And i just found out you love LOST too. No seriously you're my hidden-bad-twin, the only difference stands in the hair. Wish i had yours >< Just love your blog

  2. Hi! i’m a spanish girl, i’ve arrived here for your looks, but when i’ve seen this post about LOST, oh! i love it! and they came back today! “today is the day”! :PSorry by my horrible english :SCRIS

  3. uyy hace un buen que no lo veo, asi que estoy bien lost con esa serie… la última que vi fue la de prision break… estoy esperando que salga la 4ta temporada a la venta :)Saludos!

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