January 25, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

So today was pretty relaxing, embarassing to say, I woke up at probably 12:30, reasonable for a sunday morning I think!!! I was just feeling so exhausted, probably because I had a pretty busy saturday!
Rich and I spent the day in town, getting a hair cut (him ,not me), shopping for beauty products, etc. Then we decided we should go to the movies.

Here in Holland (probably in other places as well) you can get an unlimited pass, so you can pay a certaing price per month and go check as many movies as you want, so we got that. We watched Revolutionary road with my ex Leonardo Dicaprio(fell in love with him in Titanic, but then I dumped him for Mathew McConaughey :P) but when the movie was over( at aprox. 10:45) we decided to get into another movie, so we watched Seven Pounds, with Will Smith.

Both good movies, with GREAT acting. So finally we finished our movie spree by 1:30 am..
Today tho, it was a whole different story, lazy sunday, shopping for groceries and getting a latte at Starbucks, OH!! And the hight light of today, Ill watch the season premier of Previously on Lost…… I know I am 4 days behind, but we get it here on sundays, not wednesdays..I guess its better than nothing!

How was your weekend?