I nearly went crazy when I found this jacket, obviously, it didnt have the grey lace I added to it, it was just plein black, but I saw EXTREME BALMAIN POTENTIAL in it!!!

Right after I bought it, I went to my favourite fabric store in Amsterdam so I could find something I could pimp it with and make it look Balmainish, turns our I found the perfect grey sort of lace (I have no idea how else to call it, help please! lol) and I got to work.

After an hour of sewing, I was all done, and over the moon, maybe its just me, but I think it looks pretty similar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has to be my favourite DIY so far!!!
and what a way to start 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!

45 thoughts on “DIY: BALMAIN

  1. THANKS EVERYONE!!!Coralie:I found the plein jacket in a store called pimkie, just by chance (since I never get in there) it was my first time…I got pretty lucky!! I saw it and right away I thought about costumizing it!

  2. SO AMAZING!love love love.happy 2009!!!xi am actually canadian, but live in cape town ( for 4 years now! )where is your bf from? does he still live there?

  3. are you KIDDING me right now.i just saw this on lookbook, and i loved your jacket, so i clicked your blog… i would have NEVER thought it was a DIY! this is awesome, i loooooooooove it. so much! :)

  4. Oh Dios, envidia enviiidiiiaaa jasdksadklsajdklsajsa xDD yo también me quería hacer una así!!! *.* cómo has encontrado eso gris q has puesto, qué es exactamnte¿? tendré q ir a la tienda de telas a la q suelo ir, q tienen muchas cosas… porq me encanta(L) Te ha quedado clavada maja :) bueno, el outfit entero la verdad jeje. Vas PERFECTA!!! ^^A ver si puedo hacérmela yo… porq es q es mi chaqueta deseo de todas las q he visto en la pasarela xD1besotee

  5. GEWELDIG! Is that a Dutch word you understand?? I love it! This makes me wanna recreate that jacket as well. Again one of my fave outfits I have seen on you!

  6. GREAT job! i think you just call it trim. that’s what someone told me anyway! what a great jacket to have this winter you are going to love it!

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