What better way to keep your head warm,than a winter hat for this terrible weather?

I dont know about you guys, but the weather in Holland has been colder than usual (or so they say). They claim its the coldest winter in 30 years and that is not helping me adjust to this place AT ALL.
Anyway, I was walking at the market and saw this hat, I thought it was kinda cute, so I bought it and for 4 euros, I didnt give it much of a second thought.
How´s the cold treating you? Wherever you are…..Let me know :)


  1. wow. its really great to see your old posts/photos again! its like watching you grow old. this blog's not only a fashion blog, its like your own personal diary. awwwe. ;)xxyougotsomestyle.blogspot.com

  2. Cute hat and cute girl. My mom also got me a hat just like that :) The weather is also freezing in Istanbul, also rainy and cloudy.

  3. Tu blog es una linda sorpresa, después de andar navegando entre links de otros blogs llegué aquí y me encantó, yo también soy fan de todo lo que sea DIY! muero por poner mis manos sobre un saco tipo balmain, cuando lo tenga te avisaré a ver qué opinas. saludos! =)

  4. Se te ve muy bien el gorrito, aca en México el clima ha estado muy bien, pero esta noche entra un frente frio… a ver como nos va :)Saludos!

  5. It is aleast the coldest winter in 10 years. You’re really not lucky at all no! Adjusting must be heard.. I am getting a little sick of the cold now to be honest. I liked it at first, but not anymore now it has become too cold to wear my fave open-toe shoes! I wore them yesterday while riding my bike and the cold hurt my cute little toes sooo much that I thought I was going to cry. So I totally understand you now. Haha.Anyway, I love the hat!

  6. You look tres adorable!!!Seoul has been a bit cold, but not as cold as Montreal!! And you probably know how bad it gets in Montreal ;)I’m enjoying the mild weather, but do enjoy bundling up in cute coats and wool scarves!Keep warm xx

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