Shenae Grimes was strolling down Hollywood looking a little bit confused if you ask me.
I guess she thought it was working for her and if that´s what she thinks, I guess is what matters, you wouldnt catch me wearing that any time soon tho, there are too many things together, too many trends mixed.

Personally think it wasnt working…Sorry Shenae!

8 thoughts on “A LITTLE TOO MUCH

  1. OH- plaid and flower print lace and then tall boots? All are great pieces, don’t get me wrong, just not all at once. She’s a pretty girl though, and so ultra sweet as well. Knew her as a kid. =]xxx

  2. definitely she doesn´t leave nothing to the imagination!!!! besides I don’t understand that kind of outfits… isn’t it supposed to be cold?? and she’s wearing knee boots but then she is in underwear with no pants… :Sbesos desde España

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