I dont know what it is about polaroids, but they make pictures look so much cooler! I was thinking about buying a polaroid camera untill I saw how much they were going for, then I thought I might as well get a better fancier camera than the Canon I have right now, like a photographer´s cam u know?

Anyway, I found this Polaroid software online few days ago and I am going crazy about it!!
I have the:”polaroid every pic you have” syndrome right now! thing is, I probably have 60 GB worth of pictures, so I have to be selective right now :P
Here are some I did convert :)

p.s- Thank you so much for all your SWEET, AMAZING comments!! I am trying to reply to every single one of them! I need to find the time to sit and do them al, but I read them, I forward them to my blackberry, every sigle time, thank you so much!!!

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