I know I posted a similar look a while ago, Thing is:

1.- I promised my bf & myself, that I would wear my clothes more than once and not let them sit there for eternity untill I have to get rid of them.

2.- I quite fancy this oversized sweater!

Tho this time, I didnt wear it with over the knee socks, and wore the flower on the sweater instead of the head, oh yeah! almost forgot, I wore my ADORED grey tri blend tank top from AA underneath :)

The weekend is back gorgeous readers of mine!!!

13 thoughts on “23.01.09

  1. hola guapa!!lo primero, me han ENCANTADO tus blue pants de hace unso dicas, de donde son???? son chulisimos y te qdan BUF! GENIAL!!!Y lo de BB, pues ha estado bien, pero la verdad, me ha sorprendido la poca gente q habia en relacion a ediciones pasadas…será la “crisis”me encnantan tus polaroids!! La de San francisco!! mmmm, me encantaria ir a esa ciudad, la tengo pendiente, me la recomiendas??muakss!!

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