I know I already said how much of a Xmas freak I am, I can’t really help it though, it’s something that will never change.

Christmas makes me feel like a little girl again, all the magic, the innocence, the excitement, so many beautiful memories!!!!!

Though, this is also that time of the year, when I become extremely homesick (if I’m not home) and emotional.

I am a very family oriented girl and in Mexico, families are normally really big, or used to in the generation before me, my mom has 6 brothers and sisters and so does my dad, lucky me, I grew up having 14 cousins on each side, which to be perfectly honest with you, was A BLAST!!!! I ADORE having a big family, the reunions, the laughs, the food, just being together! We are all very close and apart from another cousin (she is in France right now) I am the only one living abroad and who won’t be at my grandparent’s house for XMAS , which honestly SUCKS! I am missing my mom and family so much and the last couple of weeks have been extremely hard, I’m finding very difficult being away from home, I just hope it gets better.

So here is my xmas tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think???

9 thoughts on “XMAS COUNTDOWN

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  2. lovely tree. i started decorating yesterday too. will post pics, check it out. i miss my big family in the philippines too! it’s really not the same without them

  3. Oh you look so cute ! This outfit is really beautiful, isn’t it one of your home made skirt ?Well done for this Xmas tree !!! Really beautiful !!! I understand it can be hard to be far from our family… Hope you’ll spend a great xmas anyway !!! ;)

  4. I have to say that i really understand you.. i really do. and thats the main reason of why i dont go away from home and i admire you for having the courage of leaving home to a very far place. jaja im mexican too, well mexican american i have HUGE families too from both of my parents and i have a brother and 3 sisters jajaja.. i laughed so much when i read what u wrote because i love xmas too the family reunions its just so much fun the dancing the laughing the talking oh god.. i could go for hrs writing about it. jajaanyways :) i hope u feel better u’re gonna be with ur bf right? at least u wont be by urself. :)xx

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