I was tagged by the lovely sarah the other day, but just realized now. Go check out her blog, its great!!! Thanks sweetie!

I dont have pics from today since it was a pretty lame one , didnt wear anthing interesting and since I dont want to post without a pic, I´ll post something from the Death Cab for Cutie´s concert few months back, I love the scarf and I´ve never posted about it before, I picked it up at…you guessed! H&M, lol.

So here we go with the tag:

1.-I am awake at 2:00 am, catching up with my fav blogs.
2.-I love it when I have extra cash to spend in clothes!
3.-Karl Lagerfeld is a genius (as you can see on the right hand side of the screen :P )
4.-Tomorrow I have to finish my military inspired vest!
5.-I have to confess I used to hate my legs when I was a little girl, I used to think they were too long and awkward and kids used to call me names like jiraffe and stuff. Now I love them!!
6.-If I had one million dollars, I would buy a flat in Paris
7.-The future is not something I should worry about right now
8.-Maybe I should go back to Fashion School

and now I tag everyone!!! :)

11 thoughts on “TAGGED

  1. people also laugh at me for being too short. i cant even imagine people laughing at others for being “too tall”! you can never be tall enough, haha.

  2. crap my internet connexion failed and the comment i was writing has been erased. well here i go again :) you’re right to love your legs. kids laughed at u because u had long legs? i’m too short and i’ve always been laughed at for being short. kids always find something to say and now i bet most girls are jealous of your legs. ;) and i love the colors of that scarf by the way.

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