I made this skirt about a month ago and today I realized I shouldnt make things just to wear them once, so I wore it again! Oh yeah! I also got myself the Vogue SS 09 collections edition & a starbucks latte, a must haves if you ask me, I already feel all the inspiration!!!!

I do not advice you to wear knee socks with this weather, it was a bad, bad idea…oh well, the day is over and I survived!


19 thoughts on “REMEMBER ME???

  1. i’m totally and completely in love with outfit!!! florals + leather jacket = amazing!!!hope you have a fantastic christmas and new year!!!xx

  2. :O q pasada de falda!!! no me digas q la has pintado tú… está genial! Y sabes si esa revista de Vogue (estoy deseando de ver las tendencias q proponen para ss 09, a ver si coinciden con mis previsiones jeje) la venden también en España¿?1besoo

  3. wou andy u are craaaazy.dont do this againu know where we are’s not malaysia or australia hahahaabut i love ur outfit.and damn it, i want ur legs D:and the new vogue aswell.i’ll have a look

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