I got this amazing, beautiful, stunning, ruffled skirt at; yeah you guessed it, H&M!!
I don’t know how I used to be able to live without this store while I lived in Mexico. They should start opening some there, for real! It would be a massive hit! Mexico is a huge market for it, but anyway.

I cant wait to wear it! Probably on Xmas eve, or Xmas day (since I already have a dress on the side for new year´s eve!) I have to be honest, I am sooo excited about the holidays! I am SO sad I wont be home for Xmas though, I miss my family a lot, the warm weather and my beautiful Mexico :(.

In other news, the lovely Stella from ( tagged me and these are the rules:
*Share 7 random things about you
*tag 7 people; let them know by writing a comment on their blog

7 random things about me:

1.-People outside of Mexico, never believe me that I am Mexican, because I am so tall (1.80 cm) or (5´11´´)

2.-I grew up in Mexico but I moved to Montreal 6 years ago when I was 18, lived there for 3 and then moved to Amsterdam.

3.-I also went to university for a mayor in Interior Design but I dropped in the middle of it (I prefer Fashion)

4. – I taught myself how to sew, I’ve never had any training.

5. – I still think that in a previous life, I used to live in Paris, otherwise, how do you explain the obsession of going back there?? lol

6. – I don’t drink or smoke but I have a severe addiction to chocolate and clothes.

7. – I love doing sodoku puzzles during long flights.

and I tag everyone who wants to do it!!! :)

13 thoughts on “MY NEW RUFFLED BEAUTY

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  2. cute, cute skirt!! and i love learning some more facts about you, since we share the MTL love ;)i do hope you get to go home and see your family soon xx

  3. Oohh I never imagined you were from Mexico, I am too! and H&M should really hear you! I'm also tall to be mexican (1.70 or 5'7'')ohh and i have some questions: why you moved to Montreal? was it for studies?How you dressed while you lived in Mexico? How was your style? What were your favourite brands?Oh yeah i'm really curious hehe because here it's kind of difficult to put together an outfit, you can't wear miniskirts or shorts besides you want to be harassed, peolpe are just not used to see too much skin, speacially men and also not used to see fashion that much, like wearing unique and differet pieces is seen as if you're a freak or something so i really want to know about your experience 'cause LOVe your style!TaKe CaReBYe

  4. Q bonitaa, me encanta!!! *.* en relidad, me gusta casi todo lo q tiene volantes jeje, mientras no sean muy exagerados.. y ese color es precioso =) jop, a ver si abren un H&M aquí de una vez!! T_T echo de menos el de Londres.. enfin, 1 besuko!

  5. ohmygosh that is so beautiful, I still love pink so much, and the ruffled layers complete it. by the way– i seriously need the jeans you are wearing below!! :)thanks for the comments, you are a darling! <3xx

  6. Oh I like that skirt and i must say that the jeans in the previous were really nice! I would like to be 1.80 too..I liked your blog! hope you’ll keep stepping by mine:)

  7. when you said it was pink, i immediately knew you meant this. i want the same one in blue but the online store ran out of my size and my H&M here doesn't have the trend line. should i get pink too? then we'll be twin skirt sisters. haha! :)too bad you're not spending xmas with the family. i miss my fam in the philippines too. but i am looking forward spending it with my baby and boyf. first xmas altogether! wee..added you already!

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