OMG, First of all, remember I told you 3 weeks ago that my internet was all messed up, I wasn’t able to upload pics, I wasn’t able to check my email and most of the time, I wasn’t able to get online at all.
So last Saturday it really didn’t work anymore, the router broke and we couldn’t get any internet connection.
Lucky for me, the new router arrived today so we were able to fix the internet!!! yay! I have 205 new blog entries at bloglovin´ to catch up on though, so I’ll be a busy girl.

Back to today’s post, I found this jeans(after looking everywhere for them!) at ZARA last week, They are long, skinny and perfect!
I’ve been obsessed with them since Balmain so now I am over the moon and planning on wearing them OFTEN, oh yeah!

12 thoughts on “KATE´S GOT IT AND NOW I DO TOO…

  1. esperaaa que dices 19 euros un bolso en zara paris??jajajaja! increible! pues ire a verlo.. pro al de opera que me pilla mas cerca! por cierto estudias moda en Holanda???? muaaa!!!

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