27 thoughts on “I LIKE THEM SHINY

  1. Oohh I never imagined you were from Mexico, I am too! and H&M should really hear you! I'm also tall to be mexican (1.70 or 5'7'')ohh and i have some questions: why you moved to Montreal? was it for studies?How you dressed while you lived in Mexico? How was your style? What were your favourite brands?Oh yeah i'm really curious hehe because here it's kind of difficult to put together an outfit, you can't wear miniskirts or shorts besides you want to be harassed, peolpe are just not used to see too much skin, speacially men and also not used to see fashion that much, like wearing unique and differet pieces is seen as if you're a freak or something so i really want to know about your experience 'cause LOVe your style!TaKe CaReBYe

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