20 thoughts on “DIY PROJECT :TULIP SKIRT

  1. i love your dress i love your style and i love your blog !!!! i add you to my blogroll and ill be back to visit your blog !A bientot !!Bouchra

  2. vaya…así q te tocan navidades holandesas!!supongo q será un poco duro para ti…claro, además con el buen tiempo q hará en méxico ;-)… bueno depende de la zona claro…me olvidé de comentarte q me encnantan los jeans gris gastado de hace unos días…en serio q son de zara??? tengo q hacerme con unos, me encantan!!!!!

  3. I just discovered your blog & find it informative & interesting. Also, I really like the black & white pic with the coloured skirt. It's fab!

  4. I was thinking of applying to amfi next year as well! haha. not sure though.. I think Im first going to take a year off.How did you make that skirt by the way? It is gorgeous <3

  5. Alyssa: I am not ducth, I live in Amsterdam but I am from Mexico :), I tried to answer you on your blog but I couldnt find where!!! maybe its my computer giving trouble again, oh well :P

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