24 thoughts on “CHANNELING: DG

  1. hey girlie! right on! looks awesome. love it! the grey pompom beanie and the rest of the outfit = perfection!hope your having fun on the holidays!thanks for the greetings. talk soon hon!

  2. Gracias!!!!! me has dado una idea no he podido conseguir esa camiseta y no se me habia ocurrido lo de imprimirla jaj estas muy guapa!Un beso!

  3. Great outfit as always!I don’t mind the weather that much to be honest. It’s pretty cold, but at least the sun is shining. I prefer this above a bit warmer but gloomy day.My christmas was fun yet difficult at the same time but I won’t bother you with that! How was yours?Any plans for tomorrow night? Clubbing in Amsterdam perhaps? Happy New Year!xoxo

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