Dont you love, walking into a vintage store and finding an amazing item that nobody else has discovered (thank God, because now you can get your hands on it forever! or at least untill you decide to pass it on ;)

Well, that´s exactly what happened to me the other day. There it was (literally) at the back of the store, where nobody else could see it, thankfully I am the kind of shopper that REALLY LOOKS AROUND so I found it!

Its navy blue, its velvet, it has gold buttons, its PERFECT!

Here are some pics, of it and of some how to wear inspiration :)

10 thoughts on “VINTAGE CANDY

  1. YESYESYESS!!Whenveer I get to a vintage shop I run to the corners where my favorite items are like scarves and bags.By the way, I love your blog! Would you mind adding me to your blogroll? I added you to mine!

  2. Voy a tener que ir de compras contigo porque yo nunca encuentro naadaa!!en Zara hay una igualita, pero no tiene la magia del vintage :(muuah

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