So this is how I wore my skirt. It is surprisingly warm (and I need that!), weather is just getting worse, I should really just come to terms with the fact that this is the way it goes, but at the end of the day, I suspect, I will never get used to the cold.

I´ve had this red jacket for like 2 years. I found it in my closet today and I felt like It could work with the stripes.

31 thoughts on “STRIPES PART 2

  1. yeah i’m also over winter already.i cant even dress niceoh and i love ur blog btw.i made some skirts on omy own aswell but i like yours a lot better.the stripes are awesome :)

  2. i LOVE itstripes are my favorite :) aside from floralsand i am detesting the cold weather :( i can’t wear what i’d like to for fear of shivering like crazy haha

  3. Hi dear! Thanks for leaving a comment so that I was able to find your blog.. I LOVE how you put outfits together.. so easy and very chic.. :-) i’ll be back fer sure!xoxoValentine

  4. Me encanta! Siempre he pensado que las rayas, sobretodo las navy, quedaban súper bien con un toque de rojo.El otro dia me hice una bandage skirt, jaja, pero me espero a ponérmela cuando haya tenido a mi niño!Un beso

  5. I like the way you wear it ! The red jacket adds a perfect coloured touch to this outfit !I totally agree with you, me neither I’ll never be used to cold weather ! It’s just horrible !

  6. oh yay! looks amazing. i think this is my fave post of yours yet! i love love love the skirt and need you to share your skirt making skills with me pleeeeeeease! i went shopping today and tried on like, 10 fun high waisted skirts, with you in mind! and none of them fit. i soooo need to make my own!

  7. opps forgot to mention. that skirt is perfect. i think i’ll make one too with somefabric i have alreadybtw, i already added u to my blogg list. how can i not

  8. you’re right. i iove your have amazing ideas, for the longes i wanted to recreate or make some more designer clothes. you’re awsome

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