I fell in love with this skirt, the minute I saw it. It´s nothing special, nothing too flashy I guess, but it´s the simplicity of it that I loved and the shape, and the colors, and…..everything lol

Oh well, how complicated can it be to make it….maybe not at all, maybe the most complicated part was to find the fabric!!!!!!!!! I couldnt find it exactly as it was, but close enough.

The stripes are slightly thinner and instead of black and white, it´s black and grey (which is fine by me, I am a bit of a grey addict). I said to my boyfriend; Please Rich, do not let me buy grey fabrics anymore!! Everytime I get to the fabric store, I am always drawn to the greyish tones, I dont know why!!! But it has to stop! since I have so much grey in my closet already.

This is the last time (OH NO!) It isnt! I totally forgot I was working in another project, it is grey velvet skirt (inspired by the great Alexa Chung) might be done this week, but after that I am finished with grey fabrics (for now anyway :P )

7 thoughts on “STRIPES, NOT STARS…

  1. hey girl, I jus discovered your blog and I have to say- It is AMAZING,my new favourite. And I have to ask you- where did you learn how to sew?..Did you go to some kind of lessons? Because I want a sewing machine for Xmas. :-Dkisses

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