So this is how I wore my skirt. It is surprisingly warm (and I need that!), weather is just getting worse, I should really just come to terms with the fact that this is the way it goes, but at the end of the day, I suspect, I will never get used to the cold.

I´ve had this red jacket for like 2 years. I found it in my closet today and I felt like It could work with the stripes.


Ok so, there are a million different ways to wear my vintage velvet blazer, tho I felt like this today, I will eventually explore many other ways to make it work, one step at a time :)

And finally wearing my faux fur scarf. I have to confess, it makes my nose itchy sometimes, I´ll survive, it´s all for the sake of fashion, isnt it?!


I fell in love with this skirt, the minute I saw it. It´s nothing special, nothing too flashy I guess, but it´s the simplicity of it that I loved and the shape, and the colors, and…..everything lol

Oh well, how complicated can it be to make it….maybe not at all, maybe the most complicated part was to find the fabric!!!!!!!!! I couldnt find it exactly as it was, but close enough.

The stripes are slightly thinner and instead of black and white, it´s black and grey (which is fine by me, I am a bit of a grey addict). I said to my boyfriend; Please Rich, do not let me buy grey fabrics anymore!! Everytime I get to the fabric store, I am always drawn to the greyish tones, I dont know why!!! But it has to stop! since I have so much grey in my closet already.

This is the last time (OH NO!) It isnt! I totally forgot I was working in another project, it is grey velvet skirt (inspired by the great Alexa Chung) might be done this week, but after that I am finished with grey fabrics (for now anyway :P )


Dont you love, walking into a vintage store and finding an amazing item that nobody else has discovered (thank God, because now you can get your hands on it forever! or at least untill you decide to pass it on ;)

Well, that´s exactly what happened to me the other day. There it was (literally) at the back of the store, where nobody else could see it, thankfully I am the kind of shopper that REALLY LOOKS AROUND so I found it!

Its navy blue, its velvet, it has gold buttons, its PERFECT!

Here are some pics, of it and of some how to wear inspiration :)