This felt like a long weekend, no Halloween for me and nobody even came home and ask for sweets, which is a bit weird since they normally come.

Anyway, I am starting to feel really excited since the city and the stores are starting to put up the xmas decorations!!! and already spotted few xmas adverts on tv as well….
This is so exciting and my personal favourite time of the year, so if cold comes with it, then I think I could somehow manage it.

Changing the subjet a little bit,I love my grey leopard leggins, they are surprisingly warm and thick, so I dont get as cold.
I dont know if I will be able to wear them once winter is at its full force, I ´ll do my best, but since I get cold really easily, Its doubtful.

shoes*local boutique

20 thoughts on “LEOPARD SUNDAY..

  1. thanks for your comment!i LOVEE those tights!i’m hesitant to get a pair of my own since i feel like the brown wouldn’t look good but the gray looks fab on you! :)

  2. I love the Netherlands! My cousins live that and I know how cold it can get. Although i did manage to survive a week of winter there in leggings, I’m sure you’ll be fine! =DYou have items i want… leather jacket and gorgeous leggings. -__-” Oh and nice legs! hehe

  3. Thanks for comment. Great blog! I really like it:) Thoes grey shoes looks so good to walk in btw! I love the fact that you sometimes make your on clothes, I do that too! It’s SO much fun, and easy to get unique stuff;)Keep it up! I might link you on my blog if u dont mind ey:)

  4. Qué chulos todos tus looks, me encantan! *.* sobre todo esas faldas que te haces, a ver cuando aprendo yo y me hago también las mías jj :)Te agrego a mi lista de blogs, vale?? ^^1beso!!

  5. I love this outfit! The leggings are fabulous! My weekend was nice and relaxing, very quiet. No costumes or halloween fun, but that’s my fault. I wasn’t motivated for some reason. How was yours?

  6. ONE DAY i will order like a million things at forever21.really love the leggings (and i dont usually like leggings at all)!by the way, i am obsessed with dutch since i went to belgium (flemish part) in april, haha

  7. OMG! thanks for droppin by my blog. i love your blog! jesus why i only found it now is beyond me. u look gorgeous. i have just been reading thru your archives and man we are h&m freaks. hihi. love it. talk soon dear!

  8. Que chulas tus medias me encantan! por aqui tambien se va notando la navidad con los anuncios de turrones y juguetes :-) y con las tiendas preparandoseUn beso!

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