I wore my shirt today and yeah, I love it!!! plus the fabric I found is so soft and comfy :)
I decided to give my Steve Madden disco ball shoes another go since the weather wasn´t that cold and I could get away with not wearing any socks.
But probably one of my favourite items of today´s outfit, is my feather head band.
I went and buy more fabric today (its becoming an addiction!). I found this really cool place near The Dam square in Amsterdam. They sell EVERYTHING!!! including a bunch of metal studs in all shapes and sizes (still trying to figure out the best way to use them).
So as I said, I found more fabrics and I am going to take on few projects this week (soo exciting!) I will defenetely be showing you, so stay tuned!!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!!

shirt. (I made it)

shoes.Steve Madden

16 thoughts on “L.O.V.E PART 2

  1. oh I love the outfit, the shirt is so cool and the sweater is awesome, do you remember when you bought it and how much it cost?xx

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Lady I wanna DIY a top like that…. Thanks for sharing, I love it! I was gonna purchase one from Forever 21 but this looks much cooler and origional!x

  3. wow!! I love this top, you are so fantastically creative! It makes me feel guilty for being lazy on the creating front.Gosh you look so adorable in these pictures!!!x

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