Im not sure if it was a miracle or just me being extremely possitive and wishful that I would have my computer fixed by today.

I woke up to a dead computer on sunday, I still have no idea what happened, but I was soooo worried that I might have lost ALL MY PICTURES!! I had 16 GB in pics (I am a bit of a taking photos freak), plus all my songs…Oh god, It could have been a disaster!!!

Thankfully we took it to a shop yesterday morning, the kid who helped us was so nice and trying so hard to sort things out, he was searching of ways to recover the pics over the Internet but all the things he found was people saying it was impossible, he didnt gave up tho!! and after few hours, all my documents were back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a happy happy girl now….backing everything up so this never happens again, but the most important thing of all is that I have my baby back!!!!

Oh! What would I do without you my dear!!!!

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