Friday night and my bf tells me; be ready to leave tomorrow at 6 am. I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions of where we were going, so I didn’t.

I woke up at 5 am yesterday and was ready to leave by 6 just like I got told. I was soooo curious to know what was going on, but since I like surprises, I didn’t ask.

We got on the car and drove off but since I was soo tired (didn’t sleep too much the night before) I fell asleep on our way. Little did I know, my boyfriend was having a master plan, one that I never would have guessed! He drove me to Paris for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Good for the ones who guessed!!! lol), took me to the Champ de Mars and right in front of the Eiffel tower, gave me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life.

Not in a million years I would have guessed that! Since we went there just four months ago. Sometimes I find myself wondering, where on earth I found a guy like him and if I even deserve him, He is the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my whole life and I am just happy that life crossed our paths…

So if you ask me how it was, I really have NO WORDS!!!!!!! and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I figured I might as well just post some of them, just to give you an idea of how amazing my Saturday was ;)

PS- I’m sorry for the obsessive picture taking by the Eiffel tower, its just that yes, I am indeed obsessed with it, I’ve always been and I will always be :P , Oh! and sorry for taking so long to upload the pics, I swear my internet was completely messed! it still is, but I managed to upload this ones… :)

29 thoughts on “I STILL CAN´T BELIEVE IT!!!

  1. oh wow.. your boyfriend is awesome and sooo romantic!! your outfit and your coat looks great on you!! and all you photos are amazing!

  2. fantastic! I love surprises! what a special man you have in your life! My best friend is in Paris right now as well, and I received a photo of her this morning and then saw your fab shots – lovely, lady! Take care and enjoy your time together :)

  3. how fun! that is so exciting, he sounds great.my bf took me to the beach, which is NOT paris, but was fun!i had to delete the studio darling… but i made a new blog in it’s place, visit me!

  4. You look like you had the best time! I love the heart eiffel tower pic so cute. PLus ponts for dressing so appropriatly considering you didn’t know where you were going!x

  5. great outfit, as usual! i lived in paris and i´m in love with this city!!!by the way, if you want to see some street style in spain, please visit us! it´d be nice to have a comment, too!e.

  6. That is so sweet, and so…ugh! I’m so jealous! I wish my man would do something like that for me, haha. I guess I didn’t train him well enough ;)

  7. Oh god ! You can’t imagine how I’m sincerely glad for you !It must have been such a perfect day ! Your BF is just amazing… You’re very lucky :DI can understand how obsessed you can be with the Eiffel Tower, because even if I’m French, I’m still happy and touched when I’m in front of it… It’s magic…By the way, your outfit is great ! But it’s not the main subject :)When could we see a picture of your ring ??? ;)

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