Plaid oh plaid! You are in my life to stay! well, at least for now… When I saw this jacket, I had to get it.

It´s sort of a croped bolero jacket and Its just perfect!!! If you love it, rush to the nearest H&M, since I have a feeling they will not last long in stores.

Hope you are all having a killer weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plaid jacket*H&M

14 thoughts on “I JUST CAN´T GET ENOUGH!

  1. I rushed, but to no avail, H&M wasn't able to provide this time, boo hoo me…it is a lovely jacket, and I smiled at your reference to Depeche Mode, too…makes me wanna play dress up and listen to the Cure 'Lovecats'while making plans to go clubbing…all with a g&t in hand…XO

  2. What a cute outfit! Omg, you’re so beautiful dear!Check my blog, i’ve posted some new post!i’m about to add you as one of my favorite blog!

  3. I wish I could get that jacket! I’ve gotten some red plaid stuff lately too, so I don’t know if I really should get another piece.It’s sooooo great though :(

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