November 4, 2008 in Uncategorized by Andy

Few months ago, my sister told me: You dress like a boy!! lol.

I dont think I dress like a boy, tho I must confess that I enjoy the menswear trend way too much and have been influenced by it for a while now.
That made me realize that maybe sometimes I need to dress more girly, I dont feel crazy about really girly clothes, its just not me, but I do enjoy the ocassional dress (I love skirts tOo!!).

I feel like you have to stay true to your personal style and if you are feeling a dress, then wear it! if you are not, then dont!
Im feeling a dress today 😛

I got this while in Mexico last spring, oviously, I got it for the summer, but I found it hanging in my closet today and felt like I should give it a shot this fall. Tights and boots should make it work.