I havent been posting lately because my internet is sooo messed up, I have no idea what is the problem, but I just cant seem to get it to work and when it actually does its for a period of 5 minutes and for no reason, it wont upload pics at all!!!!

So, I think I will be able right now, so this is what I wore yesterday, black and white with a touch of pink….I dont know how weather is doing in your parts of the world, here we even got snow last weekend!!! its crazy cold!!! so whatever it is that I am wearing, I am always cold…I hope I survive this winter :P

PS- I am ready to put my Xmas decorations up next weekend! I cant wait and will defenetely be posting about it. When are you getting all Christmassy???

14 thoughts on “A TOUCH OF PINK

  1. Love your outfit ! This vintage bag is pretty cool ! It looks quite like a Chanel thanks to the chains…Your pink scarf is cute !!!Here where I live in France, the weather is horribly cold !! This week end we had a snowstorm, I was a bit afraid !There are news on my blog ;)

  2. it’s not easy to dress when it’s sooo cold outside.. but you still manage to look stylish and keep yourself at least a little bit warm! :) I adore your bag, have been looking for a black one I could use when I go out but is still big enough for more than just cards and phone.. ;)I really like your blog!Nesli

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