I went to a fabric store today, just to see if I could find a better fabric for my Alexander Wang´s skirt project and I found it!!! Its such an amazing double stretch creamy color fabric, I love it!

I started working on it today untill 2:00 am, just need to add the finishing touches tomorrow and voila!!! Cant wait to show you!!!
Im also working in another little project but you will just have to wait and see, check for future postings!!!!

Thanks for all the get well wishes!!! I feel terrible today, my whole body aches but hopefully tomorrow will be mild (looking forward for another pijama sunday!) and monday brings back health! Its just this bloody weather! can barely stand it!

P.s- Yeah, I know I am wearing my leather jacket again, but it just seemed like the obvious choice at the time really…. :P

6 thoughts on “WORKING ON IT…

  1. Tengo muchas ganas de ver como quedo la falda :-) seguro que es preciosa. Estas wapisima en tu look me gusta el toque que le da la cazadora. Recuperate! :-)Un beso!

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