October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized by Andy

It´s really just my fault, for trying to hold on to the warm weather as much as possible. You can´t really blame me tho, I am a Mexican girl living in a country by the North Sea and yeah, I do get asked A LOT why is it that I am here, having such perfect weather in Mexico???

The more I complain about the weather, the more I realize that it wont change! So I better start making peace with mother nature and accepting that for the next few months, I will be living in freezer..
Naive me, thought that going out tonight wearing a sweater underneath my leather jacket would be enough, truth is, I COULDN´T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!!! The weather has drop sooo much in the past 2 days, its crazy!!! I was freezing, I swear, I am not exagerating!! And then add
to that the fact that I was wearing a dress…Oh well….I´ll get over it…eventually, maybe one day 😛