I was meant to post this pics like 2 days ago, along with the one with me wearing it,so you could see it better, thing is, my bf has been working REALLY late for the past 2 days so there is no one to take good pics of the whole outfit and it´s not the same when I “try” take them by myself, so I have to wait for him to take them.

I will probably be wearing it today, im torn between 2 outfits, we might be going to a really cool bar in Amsterdam (Herrie), for a tequila night, tho Im not a big tequila fan, which people find strange since I am a mexican girl who doesnt like tequila, Go figure! haha! Truth is I dont drink, I had my moments back in highschool, but I have been member of the super healthy club for quite sometime now. I do the ocassional cocktail every once in a while (Did I mention that my bf´s brother is one of the best bartenders ever, so I do enjoy his cocktails very much every now and then.

So I dont know what Im going to wear tonight, but either way I´ll be posting about it :)

Here are the snap shots of the process of making the skirt, hope you like it!!!
Im working on another one as you read!!!! I am really excited about this one because if everything goes as planned, I think it could be potentially awesome!! I´ll be posting about that one maybe friday or saturday.
Whats up with me and becoming a skirt machine lately???, I´ll try and make some more stuff, tho I am self-taught so I make things I think I can figure out how to, so at the moment, jackets and stuff are out of the question! (they require patterns and so much more detail) I´ve made few dresses tho so maybe I´ll start with those again soon. Still trying to figure out which of the GORGEOUS BALMAIN creations I will try to take on….I´ll work on it, I´ll figure it out…..eventually haha!

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  1. Hey my name :)) my double! haha.Wow, that’s so amazing.Even if we share our names, I won’t be able to do that ;)New on my blog, check it ! xxx

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