It was a rainy cold sunday evening, the boyfriend and I were bored and I suddenly started craving a Starbucks soya latte with lotsssss of cinamon (a little addiction of mine :P). Problem is, for some reason, there are just 2 starbucks in Holland, both at schipol airport, lucky for me I live 5 min away from it, plus schipol is cool place to hang out, Really!!! there are lots of shops, a big H&M with all the accesories (my not so secret guilty pleasure), places to eat, big magazine stores and a starbucks!

I know you guys probably think its lame, but thats because you have a starbucks in every single corner! we dont and every once in a while I get my latte cravings, plus it was a good excuse to get out.

Back to fashion, I got my slouchy pants last july in Paris, everytime there´s a new trend, it kinda takes a while to get used to and figure out how to wear it, I am too used to wearing skinny jeans that slouchy pants were a big step for me, anyway, I think im starting to love them now!

4 thoughts on “SLOUCHY PANTS

  1. You look gorgeous, this is such a fantastic look… and I love the uber-long boyfriend shirt in your post recent post as well! Thank you so much for your lovely comment… I’m linking you to my page!!!

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