Ok, so this might not be big news, since Justin already introduced William Rast girl at NY Fashion Week last september. I just tought this were such inspiring and cool pics, so I wanted to give them a space in stylescrapbook.

Fringes have been a huge trend and as we can see here, they will be going even stronger next SS09. What I love about the William Rast girl look is the male inspiration of it, Im sure all of us love being girly but most of us also love adding the tomboyish twist to our outfits and since the trend seems to be going stronger, I feel like we are not going to stop anytime soon…

Keep up the good work J.T.!


Dear BLICIOUS from engagedtobengaged.blogspot.com, was kind enough to tag me with the special “Premio Dardos award”, THANK YOU SWEETY!!!!!!!!
“The award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing”.
I am flattered!! thank you so much!!!
I really love blogging and sharing my style with you, reading all your blogs is such an inspiration to me and I want to thank each and everyone for that!!!!

Lets keep it up!!!!!!
I want to tag some of the bloggers that stop by often and leave such lovely comments, I really have so many and want to thank you all but I cant fit all in here so Im having a hard time choosing!!









I ve been doing this for hours now, in between talking to my sister on the phone ( she is on the other side of the world) searching for pics, eating, choosing people..

I wish I could tag all my readers but it would take me hours to paste you all in the post!!!
But its goes to everyone…

Keep stopping by!!!!


So this is what I spent my sunday afternoon doing, I mean, the skirt and the shirt, unfortunately I dont have snap shots of how I made the skirt because I was dumb enough to remember to take them once the skirt was already finished, yeah, I totally forgot to take the pics and then my bf told me, why didnt you ask me to snap the process…OMG, I promise to not do it again, I did tho, snap some pics while I was doing the eiffel tower shirt.

Hope you like them!!!!
1 skirt down, 3 more to go!!!


This was one of my vintage finds yesterday, I saw it and didn´t let go, they had so many of them, in different colors, but this one seemed comfy and warm, so I chose it!
We are all loving plaid at the moment and what better way to wear it than with a pair of blue demins. Today was another lazy sunday, not as much as the past 2. I spent the day doing my groceries for the week ahead and once I got home I started working on the fabrics I bought and already made a skirt.

I cant wait to show you one the fabrics I got! I absolutely love it! hopefully you will too, now I am just trying to figure out the best design to suit the pattern, I will, eventually and since I am feeling super inspired lately, I will probably try to take on 2 skirts tomorrow, If I do, I´ll make sure to show you the result…

Dont forget to reverse your watches an hour!!!