I am a sushi freak and I have told myself in many occasions that when I go get sushi, I shouldnt stuff myself to the point where I feel like I can´t even walk ( Im exagerating a bit, trying to spice it up a little :P), the problem is that once I start eating it, I can rarely stop myself from doing it untill I feel like I am about to explode, but lets be honest, its not like it is unhealthy or anything, plus I am a very healthy eater myself, but then when it comes to my favourite meal, I really couldnt care less.
So there I was today, being able to eat as much sushi as I wanted, of course I told myself: stop after the 3rd roll, AS IF!!!!
So yeah, Im very ashamed to say that I´ve done it again, feeling like I just ate my body weight in sushi and being unable to sleep thanks to it, oh well, I guess tomorrow is going to be a busy day at gym then!
Hope you enjoy the pics!! and thanks for all the lovely comments I´ve been getting! You girls are sweethearts!!!

Oh yeah! by the way I received 2 meme’s this week, one from Stella ( and Sailesina (, thanks girls!

So here we go…

The rules are:

+Link the people who invited you.
+Name 6 things that make you happy (no matter how silly they are :P).
+Pick 6 people that continue the challenge.
+Let them know writing a comment on their blog.

It makes me randomly happy:

*Going to pay after a shopping spree and find out at the cashier that some of the things I got are actually cheaper than the tag says, even tho they were already on sale!!!!(can anything top that???)

*Spending the whole day with my Bf doing random things.

*Day-dreaming about moving to PARIS one day!

*Going to Mexico and seeing my friends and family again.

*Eating all the sushi I possibly can.

*Knowing that Xmas is coming!!

I am nominating:

Emily (

This wheel’s on fire (

Nia (

Offset outfit (

Stompface (

Mimi (

23 thoughts on “OOOPS I DID IT AGAIN…

  1. (about the things that make you happy)actually it happened to me in Amsterdam in River Island I was buying a pair of mitens,they were 8 euros(at sale),but cause the cashier was away for a while and I waited too long,I had to give only 4uros!!!Andy,dreams come true;)

  2. well you should feel pretty happy, cuz i cant stop myself eating pizza, and its awful.anyway, a love love love your hatits the first time i got trhoguh your blog, but you have such a great style!excuse my english ;Pxoxo

  3. lol I knew the price was about 15OO euros, so I just have to cross my finger and hope you and I will be able one day to afford it ^^I also wanted a Speedy (for my birthday) but actually I chose a Mont Blanc stylo instead ! ^^Loooove this outfit :D

  4. estilismo perfect, como siempre!! me encanta la pamela, es lo más chic y glamouroso q uno se puede poner en la cabeza, jeje¿a q no sabes? voy a cenar sushi, jejeje, made in by myself of course!!

  5. Oooh tagging! Thanks missy. I will get on this as soon as I can. I can’t concentrate right now to do it today. (could be the wine).Yes the beach how glorious!You poor lady I’m sorry it is so rainy there.and oh you are the sweetest lady alive. I can’t believe you looked for it for me! That is so so nice. But I would have felt so bad to put you out like that, so in a way I am glad it wasn’t there! Oh well. I’m sure I will live without it, if not I will make my own somehow.oh and your hat! that hat is amazing. You are so good at outfits. I am jealous.

  6. I also love sushi ^^You have a great outfit, what is the brand of your bag ? please don’t tell me this is a Chanel, I can’t afford it !By the way, I think I’m gonna copy your outfit one day because I like it !

  7. ayyy no he posido resistirme y ya te he puesto en mi lista de favoritos y es que me encanta tu estilo.Felicidaddes y sigue asi.Muaaaccc

  8. buf!!! sushi q delicia!!! yo también puedo comer, y comer y comer sushi sin parar, q rico!!!creo q hoy comeré sushi, ya me has metido las ganas,jajajarespecto a los leggins, hasta el tobillo, claro…los cortos me horrorizan!!y la chaqueta, te juro q la q tengo de H&M es igualita. me la pondré un día para q la veas!muaks!!!

  9. gracias cariño…ya lo hice el meme el otro dia pero muchisimas gracias guapisima….por cierto te queda preciosos el sombrero.muuuuuuuuuuuaaaaccccc

  10. Chica estas wapisima! que combinacion mas bonita me ha encantado la pamela, la chaqueta, las botas, todo!Desigual hace ropa demasiado llamativa con unos dibujos imposibles, tuve suerte de encontrar ese jersey :-)Un besazo!

  11. I have those exact same boots!! :) You look so cute in them. Wishing it would cool down so I could wear mine too…Thanks for the comment, sweetie. I think I like that “spot” for photos now, too. I wish I wasn’t so shy to go outside alone and take some with the tripod… maybe later on, when the weather cools off a bit.xo/ fashion chalet

  12. hey ami tambien me pasa eso con el sushi (Y ccon los tacos al pastor jeje)… hye y como le haces para tener el cabello asi como en ondas perfectas, yo soy un desastre con eso.. besosy te queria decir que la camisa de cuadros la consegui el año pasado en una tienda de niños que se llama caribu jajaja

  13. Oh a new meme!! lol stella just send it to me so I’m going to aswer both of them in my new post!!The sushi story is great!! that just happen to me with too many meals!! lolM.

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