October 15, 2008 in Uncategorized by Andy

I am a sushi freak and I have told myself in many occasions that when I go get sushi, I shouldnt stuff myself to the point where I feel like I can´t even walk ( Im exagerating a bit, trying to spice it up a little :P), the problem is that once I start eating it, I can rarely stop myself from doing it untill I feel like I am about to explode, but lets be honest, its not like it is unhealthy or anything, plus I am a very healthy eater myself, but then when it comes to my favourite meal, I really couldnt care less.
So there I was today, being able to eat as much sushi as I wanted, of course I told myself: stop after the 3rd roll, AS IF!!!!
So yeah, Im very ashamed to say that I´ve done it again, feeling like I just ate my body weight in sushi and being unable to sleep thanks to it, oh well, I guess tomorrow is going to be a busy day at gym then!
Hope you enjoy the pics!! and thanks for all the lovely comments I´ve been getting! You girls are sweethearts!!!

Oh yeah! by the way I received 2 meme’s this week, one from Stella ( and Sailesina (, thanks girls!

So here we go…

The rules are:

+Link the people who invited you.
+Name 6 things that make you happy (no matter how silly they are :P).
+Pick 6 people that continue the challenge.
+Let them know writing a comment on their blog.

It makes me randomly happy:

*Going to pay after a shopping spree and find out at the cashier that some of the things I got are actually cheaper than the tag says, even tho they were already on sale!!!!(can anything top that???)

*Spending the whole day with my Bf doing random things.

*Day-dreaming about moving to PARIS one day!

*Going to Mexico and seeing my friends and family again.

*Eating all the sushi I possibly can.

*Knowing that Xmas is coming!!

I am nominating:

Emily (

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