Just because…..

Doing all this research about what´s happening at PARIS fashion week for the past few days got me so Homesick :(.

I know I wasnt born in Paris, but I was SOOOOO MEANT TO, there is just something magical about that city and everytime Im there, I feel like Im just meant to be there and I should never leave, I swear I could walk its streets for eternity, have lunch sitting on a blanket at champ-mars just staring at the eiffel tower, strolling the Jardins des Tuleries and then get on the ferris wheel during a hot summer day, chill at the LOUVRE square, and soak some sun, have dinner at a little restaurant at Les Marais….and so on, I could go on and on about how much I love this city but It would just make me miss it even more, Its been just 2 months and I already feel like 2 months is long enough…

I´ll be back Paris, you know I´ll always go back to you….

PARIS Je t´aime……( v )

2 thoughts on “Just because…..

  1. hola me da mucho gusto que estes estudiando lo que te gusta yo no estudio nada relacionado con eso pero espero poder entrar a diseño de modas este año, pero obvio no es lo mismo aqui que haya.y claro ya te agregue a mis blogs saludos!!!!!! y me gusta tu look

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