It turns out that I ended up hand sewing the whole skirt( the only thing I did with the sewing machine, was the black waist band at the end) partly because I was a bit scared about the fabric stretching with the sewing machine, since it was a kind of lycra and the other reason why is because I really wanted to get the details right, so I ended up doing the whole thing by hand!!!! But to be honest, I am soooo pleased with the results!! I love my new Alexander Wang´s inspired skirt!!!

I will try wear it tomorrow so you can have a better look, so far I think it looks pretty good!
I hope you guys like it!!

Tell me what you think!!

p.s- feel free to click on the pics to enlarge them :)

14 thoughts on “IT´S FINALLY DONE!!

  1. Te ha quedado genial la falda me has dejado fascinada, yo es que soy malisima con la maquina :-D preciosa! ya nos enseñaras un look con ella puesta.Un beso!

  2. Creo que hablas español…que bonito tu blog y que artista eres haciendo esa faldaa!!! a mi muchas veces se me ocurren mil cosas pero de coser se poquito…suerte que aun me ayudan mi madre y abuela x) un besitoo

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