Ok, so this might not be big news, since Justin already introduced William Rast girl at NY Fashion Week last september. I just tought this were such inspiring and cool pics, so I wanted to give them a space in stylescrapbook.

Fringes have been a huge trend and as we can see here, they will be going even stronger next SS09. What I love about the William Rast girl look is the male inspiration of it, Im sure all of us love being girly but most of us also love adding the tomboyish twist to our outfits and since the trend seems to be going stronger, I feel like we are not going to stop anytime soon…

Keep up the good work J.T.!

3 thoughts on “HE’S BRINGING SEXY BACK

  1. Si, se parece mucho, pero si me pones a escoger, Alexander Wang forever!!! ajjaa, me fascinaron algunos looks de esta colección pero Alexander Wang es mi máximo :P

  2. me parece que sigue muy de cerca la linea de alexander wang, es un estilo facil de seguir pantalones rasgados y shirs xl con varios detalles distintos, me gusto esta coleccion.. saludos

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