October 20, 2008 in Uncategorized by Andy

For some reason I felt super girly today, I mean, I know I am a girl so I am kinda supposed to lol, but I do enjoy wearing men clothes sometimes and turning them into something femenine, I have been a HUGE fan of the menswear trend for a while now, but today I felt like doing girly things 😛

So after a day of pampering myself, exfoliating, mosturizing, doing my nails, putting treatments in my hair, etc, I felt that the best way to end it was by wearing a girly skirt….and so I did.

I choose the navy blue skirt I recently purchased at H&M, with 2 lines of golden buttons on the sides (It looks a bit like a sailor skirt) and got told by my bf´s brother I looked like a sailors, anyway, I think it´s super cute and since I must wear a jacket anytime I step outside, I went for the obvious choice at the moment :P, I promise guys! I´ll try not to wear it so often!

By the way, I went into some stores today to find that they are packed with xmas decorations already, It made me feel a bit sad in a way, cause xmas makes me so homesick and it doesnt get any easier that my family is across the atlantic but on the other hand, I am so excited!!!! I LOVE XMAS! I love decorating, drinking hot chocolate sitting next to the xmas tree, and just staring at the tree lights, remembering when I was a kid….so many memories in my dear old Mexico!!!!

Oh guys! I miss home……..