Today was OH SO COLD outside, it was mother nature saying: There, have a taste of what you will be getting for the next 6 months HAHAHA…(but picture it with an evil laugh, lol) GREAT ISNT IT???

Well, since there is nothing I can do to change it, I just have to make sure I wear warm clothes, but still look ok, thankfully, the wonderfull world of fashion was created and now we have a massive amount of things to choose from to be warm but still love fab!! and yes, I am wearing my boyfriend´s shirt again :P

5 thoughts on “CHILLY NIGHT

  1. me encantaaa el look de hoy!!! me ha hecho gracia leeer en el blog de stella que tu novio te pregunta porque sus vaqueros estan doblados xDDDME ENCANTAN TUS ZAPATOS!!!!!!!

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