It goes without saying, that this collection has our heads spinning, wishing and daydreaming about owning at least a piece of it. I´ve seen a lot of shows before, lots of looks, lots of trends, but I swear to you when I say that, I´ve never seen a collection that I´ve fallen in love so much as I did with this one. I dont know what it is, actually I know exactly what it is, EVERYTHING about it its perfect! the shapes, the fabrics, the materials, the sequins, the stud details, THE SHOES FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!

I can´t get over it and the worst is that I keep looking at the pictures, trying to figure out a way to recreate my favorite pieces, but Im not quite sure its going to work, since there is so much detail to them.
Oh well, maybe, just maybe, I will win the lotto next friday and find myself buying the whole thing, you never know……haha!

pics from www.frillr.com

10 thoughts on “* ABSOLUTE PERFECTION *

  1. I really like this collection!! and mainly the white blazer of the second picture!! but I must say to you that even though I love the pictures, the girls are too skinny!!! I think they’d be more beautiful with some more weight…M.

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