So this is what I spent my sunday afternoon doing, I mean, the skirt and the shirt, unfortunately I dont have snap shots of how I made the skirt because I was dumb enough to remember to take them once the skirt was already finished, yeah, I totally forgot to take the pics and then my bf told me, why didnt you ask me to snap the process…OMG, I promise to not do it again, I did tho, snap some pics while I was doing the eiffel tower shirt.

Hope you like them!!!!
1 skirt down, 3 more to go!!!

28 thoughts on “1 SKIRT DOWN, 3 MORE TO GO…

  1. Que envidia ojala pudiera ser capaz de hacer esas maravillas!! la camiseta es ideal! Intentaré comiarla aunq no se como… jejejeBesos!PD Me encantó la camisa y puesta queda mejor…

  2. Oh wow, that’s amazing.Great outfit, i really like it.We have the same name acutally, isn’t that funny ? :)Check my blog! I’ll be back there ;)xxx

  3. you really are extremely talented!u inspire me to go make something!hehe. i love both the top and the skirt. i deff want to give the top a try!great workk!x

  4. What a great project. I love the outfit. I want it. From the top to the skirt to the shoes!!!! :)Thanks for your comment, sweetie. Glad you enjoyed the little video. And I hope your weekend was fantastic. xo/ fashion chalet

  5. what a gorgeous tee shirt! so cute, and i would totally wear one exactly like it if i could sew, but i can’t…and the skirt is cute as well!love it!thanks for the comment.XXX

  6. Thanks guys Im glad you like them!!!For the question from Isabel and Gloria: I am nor dutch or Spanish, I am actually Mexican, but I live in Amsterdam :)and for the anonymous question, I will try to make a tutorial for the next skirt I’ll make, which will be soon, for the eiffel tower shirt is actually really easy, here are the steps:1.- I drew the shape of the eiffel tower on a piece of paper then placed the piece of paper on a piece of black fabric, attached with pins and then cut it exactly like the shape.2.- I sewed the piece of black fabric(with the eiffel tower shape) to the shirt (like in the pic)If you have any doubts let me know :)

  7. Please please please (i beg of you! ahah) do a tutorial on the skirt and the eiffel tower shirt! They are both so beautiful, yet simple and versatile!And also, unique! :)Keep looking gorgeous!xox

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