So there I was, having my morning latte, doing my daily fashion research on my beloved notebook when I first saw it, and yes, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT…..

What am I talking about????
BALMAIN´S new spring ready-to-wear collection by Christophe Decarnin!!!!

He opened PARIS FASHION WEEK, and while Madonna´s vintage music was playing on the background, a feast for the eyes collection started walking down the runway.

From Michael Jackson inspired jackets, beautiful silver and crystal sequins, edgy stone-washed demin & bandage-wrap retro-looking mini dresses, the collection turned out to be EYE CANDY!
By the time I got to the last outfit, I suddenly realize this might be one of my favorite overall collections I´ve ever lay my eyes on.

Here are some pictures I picked, to be honest it was so hard choosing them, I could have lay out the complete collection, but 39 images were far too many for such little space and while I am ready to wrap up today´s entry, I realize that I just added a designer to my Top 5 favs and as crazy as I am about this collection, I cant help but wonder what is he planning for us next season..

2 thoughts on “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT…

  1. I know what you mean!!! I was just telling my boyfriend earlier : GOSH! IF I HAD TO SAVE 2OOO EUROS AND GET ONE OF THOSE JACKETS,I´D PROBABLY DO IT (which freaked him out a little bit!)lolThey just cant understand that when a girl loves fashion, it can get a little wild!I swear I loved everything about this collection, the jackets with the sequins, the washed out denims, the shape of the croped blazers, the mini retro dresses, OMG! I cant stop wishing I was rich so I could buy them all…Did you check his collection for fall o8, its also cool, the zebra jackets and pants, Ill post about it and ink it to you :Padios!

  2. I have loved your post on my blog. This is exactly what has happened to me but I didn’t know how to say it in english, hahaha! Thank you very much for that!By the way, I also had love at first sight when I saw this collection yesterday. Oh my god, I love everything, specially the jackets!!

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