I was never a huge fan of skirts I have to admit, I always used to say i was more of a denim girl and Im not going to lie to you, I do love my skinny jeans, way too much if you ask me, but then for some reason, last spring I was introduced to skirts, I mean, I used to wear them once in a blue moon, but now Im completely obsessed with them!!!!

I have made few of them, I just looove finding amazing fabrics and right away I start picturing ways to desing my own.
I was a little sad about winter being just around the corner, but then I thought: Who cares!!! there is always tights and socks to keep me warm!!

So if you like me love your summer skirts, dont hang them in the back of the closet and let them have a comeback in this new but colder season by updating them with tights, you will be warm and you will look super stylish!!!!

sweater and blazer.H&M, skirt.forever21, t-shirt.mango, belt.zara, ankle boots.steve madden

2 thoughts on “I LOVE SKIRTS!!

  1. Its so funny to see you like that. In a recent post you said that you had a "shitty style" and I couldnt believe. So I'm here cheking how you used to look like and you're so much better now! Congrats! Love your blog!

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