From yellow shirt to yellow mini skirt

Few days ago I realized I had a yellow shirt I got at River Island few seasons ago sitting on my closet.
I wasnt wearing it anymore and since I have a thing for modifying clothes when I think I wont wear them as they are , I decided to give it a little makeover.
It took me about an hour, the only thing I hate about sewing my clothes is when I have to bring my sewing machine plus all the other stuff I need downstairs, must times I have to go up and down like 5 times before I have everything I need on the table, appart from that, I LOVE IT!!!!
My sewing machine is the best thing that has ever happened to me (ok, maybe I am exagerating a bit) but its there, on my top 10 defenetely :P

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8 thoughts on “From yellow shirt to yellow mini skirt

  1. Wow ! You had a great idea !Maybe you will be a future clothes designer lolBy the way, I really like your blog, so I’m adding you immediately to my BlogRoll ! Don’t hesitate to do the same if you like mine !MarionRocks

  2. Hi there! thanks for the sweet comment, Im so happy I checked out your blog, its seriously awesome, you have great fashion sense and your Paris piks are amazing. Also the shirt/skirt thing, I was like Wow! Very well done indeed, wish I could do something with a sewing machine.

  3. Thank you!!!!! I love modifying clothes that I dont wear anymore, its so much fun! and easy, I love my sewing machine, it creates miracles! haha, There are few more stuff I want to get done, but since I recently moved to Amsterdam, I dont know any good places to buy fabrics and stuff like that yet, so that makes it a bit hard :(, Im gonna have to keep cutting my old clothes instead, lol.

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