Ok guys, so like I said in my last entry, I just came back from Paris 2 days ago, it was sort of a long weekend break and my boyfriends Bday present to me, since I just turned 24 last thursday.
While in Paris, walking down les champs elysees I spotted the huge Louis Vuitton store in the corner, wanted to get in and check their new bag collection by Marc Jacobs. Thing is, I´ve been wanting an LV since a while ago, the speedy model to be specific, so I couldnt resist when I saw it, I HAD TO BUY IT!! , I mean, I was in Paris walking down Les Champs Elysées getting in the main Louis Vuitton store, it was my Birthday…I HAD THE BEST EXCUSE OF ALL TIMES!!!!
So yeah, the fact is that I walked out the store carrying my new LV bag, super excited and over the moon. I recomend it 100%, so if u ever in Paris and LV crosses your path, dont miss a chance like that.
All I can say about it is that Im LOUIS VUITTON CRAZY now….

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  1. Oh, I loooove that bag! I remember how excited I was when I bought mine! Such a crazy feeling!Rumyanahttp://miasmasquerade.blogspot.com/

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