Well, this season´s New York Fashion Week was full of lovely surprises, from my personal favorites like Alexander Wang and Yigal Azrouel, to Charlotte Ronson.

She is the sister of the well known Musician Mark Ronson, and since she launched her first collection at New York Fashion Week 3 years ago, Ronson’s designs became a favorite among socialties, hipsters and celebrities.

Her SS/ 08 collection is a mix of very simple garments, but again, making it really work with the accesories and twisting it completely from simple, to a super stylish.

Remember that its all about the accesories and hair is a big part of it, so have fun with it, get the signature bangs, or play with messy hair, tight bows, etc, everything goes!!!

Here are some pics of her SS/08 collection, ENJOY!


Well, I am a bit torn when it comes to this trend, some gladiator sandals can look great, but some can look really awful.

This season we have seen very high sandals, that come up all the way to the knee (from Balenciaga) I personally dont like that at all, its a bit ” too much”.
But then, other designers took the trend and made it more wearable, like D&G.
I love how they combined the trend with the fabrics and shapes they used in their S/S 08 collection.

Gladiator sandals are becoming must haves this season, and you can probably get them in any high street store, since its a stong trend.

When it comes to styling them, I would advice you to wear them with a nice short flowy dress, or a pair of trendy shorts, you can play with colors and prints, but pale creams are also nice.
If you want to wear them with jeans, I recommend you to wear them with skinny´s, you could wear them with flare pants but that just means they would get lost in them.
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One of my absolute favorite collections for this spring summer season was Alexander Wang’s.
I just love this designer, he is young and fresh in ideas, he has such a cool concept and best of all, he designs for the style I love!

His creations are a mix between really clean rock style, and casual chic. Nothing is too simple, but nothing is too complicated either, it’s just amazing. I look at his show over and over again, and every time I pick up different details, his style is so inspiring to me, I absolutely loved it, all his clothes are such a great way to spend your summer, and the best thing is that you can easily find pieces that look alike in many different stores, to create that “LOOK”.
He includes one of the must have items this season: “The oversized blazer” and mix between black, grey and white colors. You might think that the basic colors for summer are bright shades, but in fact, grey black and white are coming strong this season.
His collection has some oversized items, but at the same time, very body conscious items as well, just to balance the look and as you can see, he is bringing the flats back, not that they went anywhere, but you can be certain that your favorite pair of flats will be just right, try to mix it up a little bit and wear high heels as well, they will make your legs look amazing!

I had to choose between a lot of pictures from his collection, but quite frankly I had a really hard time, since I loved most of them! I hope that what I post is enough to give you an idea of the look he proposes, and you love it as much as I did!
Bye everyone!

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