We saw plenty of bangs at the start of 2007, and then somewhere in the first half of the year it simply lost its buzz. Then at the beginning of this year, it became a certain hair trend for 2008 when supermodels Kate Moss & Heidi Klum got them. What’s best is that as a trend, you’re going to have plenty of options to make it your own.

Lately, we have seen many celebs rocking their bangs and to be quite honest, I think they look great! Its a great trend if you want to look a bit edgy with a little touch of vintage and they look awesome with your favourite pair of oversized sunglasses. Getting yourself a fringe is a certain way of staying on trend, but be carefull if you have a round shape face, because it might make your face even more round!, so just ask your hair stylist what she thinks and good luck! (I already got mine done!! :P )

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