-Bread & Butter style snap shot-

When I saw this girl at the BBB in Barcelona, i knew i had to do a snap shot for STYLESCRAPBOOK .
I absolutely love this look, its just a great versatile outfit that could work for either summer or winter! Wear it with the tights, scarf and jacket, and it´s a great look for fall/winter (depends on how cold it is) but then, just loose the tights, the jacket and the scarf, and it would be a great spring/summer look!
What I love about this outfit tho, is the combination of the colors, and how she worked all the fabrics and shapes together. I love the leather jacket, its a great item to have in your closet all year long, and you can be sure it will last you for as long as you want, because leather jackets will never be out of style, so you should really spend that extra cash and invest in getting a great one, because at the end, you are going to wear it over and over again!
You also have to make sure you wear the right shoes, they cant either make or break an outfit.
Hope you get inspiration from this look! I know i will…
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