-Bread & Butter style snap shot-

When I saw this girl at the BBB in Barcelona, i knew i had to do a snap shot for STYLESCRAPBOOK .
I absolutely love this look, its just a great versatile outfit that could work for either summer or winter! Wear it with the tights, scarf and jacket, and it´s a great look for fall/winter (depends on how cold it is) but then, just loose the tights, the jacket and the scarf, and it would be a great spring/summer look!
What I love about this outfit tho, is the combination of the colors, and how she worked all the fabrics and shapes together. I love the leather jacket, its a great item to have in your closet all year long, and you can be sure it will last you for as long as you want, because leather jackets will never be out of style, so you should really spend that extra cash and invest in getting a great one, because at the end, you are going to wear it over and over again!
You also have to make sure you wear the right shoes, they cant either make or break an outfit.
Hope you get inspiration from this look! I know i will…
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*The Ray.Ban WAYFARER´S*

The Ray.Ban WAYFARER´S enjoyed early popularity in the 1950´s and 1960s´, especially after they were worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany´s.

They became huge again in the 1980´s and recently couple of summers ago, since they were seen on pretty much every single celebrity in Hollywood and abroad, but they don´t seem to be going anywhere just yet.

I love this shades for their vintage factor, they suit pretty much everyone and they give that little bit extra, to make an outfit look awesome!
Of course, its always better to get the real thing, you can expect to pay over 100 dollars in a pair of real WAYFAFER´S, but if you don´t want to pay the extra cash, there are always some options. Lots of stores are bringing that same style for way cheaper prices, so its really up to what you want to get.

My advice is that you dont wait any longer and go get them!!! I did last summer!


Hi everyone! I wanted to post one of the videos of the G-STAR fashion show at last week´s BREAD & BUTTER fair in Barcelona. I hope you guys like it, and wait for my next enrty about the best outfit snap shots at the fair!!!



Bread & Butter came to an end last friday, bringing together brands, not just Spanish but also from all around the world who were showing their winter 08/09 collections.
Bread & Butter is a huge fashion fair that serves brands and young upcoming designers as a platform, to show their collections to people in the retail business, who might want to buy and sell it, in different stores around the globe.

I had the chance to stop by last week, and let me tell you, I’ve never seen something so huge in my entire life. It has different halls: the demin hall, the fashion hall, the superior, the sports clothing hall, etc.
It also has some fashion shows going on at the same time. Every B&B edition, G-STAR RAW show their upcoming collection in many daily fashion shows, also Christian Audigier and Custo Barcelona had a show followed by a party (which by the way, I couldn’t go to since I needed to come back to Amsterdam).
Anyway, its a great experience if you are into fashion, the amount of people who attended the fair was huge, more than 90 thousand visitors in the 3 days, which is pretty incredible!

It was cool to see people who were interested in Fashion, walk around the fair, and even more fun, check out their outfits!
In the next entry, I’ll show you some of my favourite ones so don’t miss it!

If you want to go to B&B next summer, and you feel like you desperately need vacations, you can always drop by Barcelona and go check the B&B out!!!